Worship Ministry


A main goal here at RBC is to understand worship as part of the lifestyle of a Christian. Living a life of wholeness and seeking God’s wisdom in our lives results in powerful effective witness for Him; our worship is the key ingredient in implementing this life-long relationship with our Father.

WORSHIP: Our Definition

To adopt a working definition of worship is difficult at best, but we can try to understand it as the Bible uses it. The English word simply means “worth-ship;” we worship what is worthy to be worshipped. One of the most often used Hebrew words used for worship means “to bow down”, or “to do homage.” This word is first used in Genesis 18, where Abraham bows down to the three visitors (one of whom was the Lord). One of the Greek words for worship literally means “to kiss toward,” giving the idea of showing reverence to someone. What do we make of all this? Well, worship definitely involves our actions and our attitude as well.  To quote Evelyn Underhill’s summation of worship as:

“...the total adoring response of man to the one Eternal God self-revealed in time.”

RBC considers worship of God more than just the music part of the service; rather, the entire service is our response to Him in adoration and celebration through singing, and through instruction of His word. But since music is a very important part of our services, here are some of the opportunities we have to serve in this area of worship.

WORSHIP: Our Practice

As an integral part of our services, the praise band leads the congregation in song. We have a keyboardist, acoustic guitarist, electric guitarist, bass guitarist, and drummer. We are always looking for people who can help in this area. We go through a lot of music, so being able to read music and chord patterns really helps.

WORSHIP: Diversity

One of the unique aspects of RBC is that we offer so much diversity in music. We don’t believe in separating the older generation from the younger by offering two styles of services (as do some churches in our area). On the contrary, the two generations have much to offer each other, creating an “intergenerational” music service! We sing hymns and a blend of current and cherished choruses. And most importantly, we do all this, not to distract, but to adore, praise, glorify, and honor God by celebrating Jesus! He is truly the focus and center of our music time on Sunday mornings! So come and join us in our celebration!

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